Position Title
Research Assistant

Research Topic:
Data-driven environmental management: A digital dashboard to help protect the Susquehanna River Basin

Research Project:
Here is more information about phase one of this research project:


In the second phase, we will develop a more robust version of the dashboard. This will include multiple parameters of hydrological and geospatial data for analysis, monitoring, and for giving early warnings on specified indicators. The goal of this current project is to be extended to include more SRB environmental parameter numbers, as well as to improve upon the performance and accuracy of the predicative model. This will be different for each of the parameters. Phase One of this research was presented at the HU Data Analytic Summit and AI Conference 2019 in Boston.

Supervisor Name
Supervision by: Dr. Siamak Aram

Expected Hire Date
04/25/2020 would be optimal to 08/25/2020

Proposed monthly payment (the worksheet and activities must be reviewed by the supervisors in advance of payment).

Job description and responsibilities:

  • Academic and/or work experience related to the field of research, as defined by the supervisor
  • Experience with specialized software or datasets, as required by the supervisor
  • Satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the supervisor (which is not limited to the listed tasks):-Performs literature searches and document results, and discusses results with supervisor.
    -Compiles data and produces reports to be used for analysis of research findings.
    -Does analysis using R or Python.
    -Conducts research and summarizes findings.
    -Responds to emails related to research.
    -Attends research project meetings.
    -Prepares progress reports/presentations.
    -Performs other related duties as assigned.
    -Prepares talks or presentations.
    -Attends related courses, training, and conferences.
    -Prepares and works on the assigned paper.

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