HU2Rescue, led by Dr. Siamak Aram, HU professor of Analytics, developed an app named the Pennsylvania Clearing House for Treatment (PACT), to more efficiently connect people in need to recovery facilities. In addition to Professor Aram, the team included: Anshuman Chakravarty, Kristen Shelton, Mansi Joshi, Theres Rungenhagen, Vidya Sridharan, and William Burg.

HU2Rescue developed an end-to-end solution with a two-pronged approach to prevent Opioid Use Disorder that stems from legal medical prescriptions. The tool more efficiently connects people suffering from OUD to resources, including PACT and the Pennsylvania Opioid Prescription registry (POP). The app can be used by those suffering from addiction and their families, healthcare providers, state agencies, and even data scientists.

“With PACT, we not only offer information to people who are suffering from Opioid Use Disorder and their loved ones, but also provide a framework by which these victims can be admitted into rehab in a timely manner,” Professor Aram said. “Code4pa gave us a platform to give back to the community, using collective skill sets gained at Harrisburg University and our past professional and academic endeavors.”

“Moreover, we found the need to focus our energies constructively to support the Pennsylvania government in its efforts to mitigate excessive opioid consumption in the state,” he added. “If our project will be implemented in Pennsylvania successfully, we hope to setup a similar infrastructure in other states.”

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